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Featured Projects


Computer Vision (AI) based Autonomous UV sterilizer for elevators and other indoor spaces with high traffic of people


World's First Human-Computer Interface (HCI) to help blind people to write code, skim and debug efficiently

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An AI- based automated diagnostic tool for Malaria, to reduce workload for healthcare workers at Primary health centres in developing countries


Excelscope 2.0

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Smart Malaria Diagnosis

dHive Labs

Enabling children to develop implementable technologies to solve local problems through design education (Gallery View)

GoSafe Wearable

A safety wearable with optical incapacitation technology, capable of temporarily blinding assailants, improving the way women commute (Gallery View)

High Efficiency Oxygen Concentrators

Life saving oxygen concentrators capable of generating 96.5% pure oxygen at a capacity of 12 Litres per minute, with in-built variable oxygen control mechanism, developed within 45 days in association with Makers Asylum during the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic in India



A low-cost fabric based UV sterilizer for decontaminating surfaces of common touchpoints as well as surgical devices in COVID-19 isolation wards and ICUs. Developed in the wake of first COVID-19 wave in India, as an Open-Hardware and released under GNU- GPL V3 Open License

Other Projects

Off- Grid Rice Grader

An off-grid tool to clean rice grains faster with less effort, saving rural women from everyday drudgery (Gallery View)

Automated Pomegranate Aril Extractor

A fully automated equipment to extract Pomegranate Arils (edible parts) with the capacity of 200kg/hr with >1% mechanical damage, to enable farmers to fetch a higher price through value-added yield

Water Conveyer

A robust and affordable way of carrying water across rough terrain, reducing effort of women and children who walk several miles everyday to fetch water in rural India

(Gallery View)